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Job title


Chin-Kuo Wu,Ph.D

Professor& Chairman

Science Education, Instructional Media, Multimedia, Computer-assisted Instruction, Web-based Instruction, Marine Environment Education

Chen-Chieh Chang,Ph.D.


Cello Performance, Art Education, Chamber Music

Chia-Ling Wang,Ph.D.


Curriculum and Instruction

Cheng-Chieh Chang,Ph.D.


Science Education, Computer Education, Marine Science Education

Terng-Ji Sheu,Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Educational Supervision, Sociology of Education, Evaluation of Marine Education

Chih-Hsuan Chang,Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Special Education, Psychology and Counseling, Gifted Education, Creativity and Leadership

Chia-Dai Yen , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Learning Organization, Competence management, Marine Education

Liang-Ting Tsai,Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Educational test assessment, Psychometrics, Marine education, Mathematics education

Jyh-Sheng Lin,Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Psychometrics,Educational Psychology,Educational and Psychological Statistics, Educational Administration and School Management

Yi-Chun Chen , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Science education, Cognition and learning, Literacy-oriented assessment and Digital teaching material design